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Hallertau Mittlefruh Pellet Hops

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The classic German aroma hop associated with Bavarian-style lager beers and distinguished by an intense, pleasantly harmonic bitterness

If your recipe just says Hallertau this is the hop you want.


Hop Type: Aroma
Origin: Germany
Alpha Acid: 3.0 - 5.5%
Similar Varieties: Mount Hood, Liberty, Crystal
Common Styles: German Lagers and Pilsners


Hop Storage Policy
To preserve freshness, all of our hops are stored frozen in nitrogen flushed; oxygen and light barrier foil packages. Hops lot codes are available on request.

Hop vendor and package printing may vary depending on market availability.

Some 1lb hops are stored in our off-site freezer facility. You can confirm the hops are in store and ready for pickup by placing an in store pickup order and waiting for a ready pickup confirmation. In store pickup orders placed by 2:00 PM are ready for pickup after 3:00 PM.

Tags: Hops, Pellet Hops