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Growler Fills

Growler Fills Begin and Sample Taps Return August 2017


  1. What's all this about?
  2. How do I become a Featured Brewer?
  3. Can I have more than one free sample?
  4. Are you Lost Shirt?
  5. Can I buy a pint?
  6. Where can I drink your beer?

What's all this about?

 From the beginning Brock's has offered free samples of homebrew on our tap in our retail store in Melbourne.  Customers who enjoy our beer have constantly requested to buy a growler to take home with them, but that would be illegal.  In 2017 things came to a head when Brock realized he couldn't brew enough beer for the sample taps and stay under the 200 gallon per household limit on homebrewing in the US.  This realization forced the issue and Brock embarked on the process to make our retail store in Melbourne a licensed brew pub.

With federal, state, and local permits in hand Brock's Homebrew now brews the same small batches of our kit recipes. The only difference is that now we pay taxes and file lots of government reports.  Free samples are still available and we now offer the option for our customers to purchase 32oz, 64oz, and 128oz growlers.

Additionally we're offering the opportunity for accomplished local homebrewers to become Featured Brewers, offering their best homebrew recipes for sale alongside our's.  Featured Brewers get a share of the fame and fun of brewing and selling great craft beer, without all the headaches of opening a brewery.  


How do I become a Featured Brewer?

 If you're interested in becoming a featured brewer prepare two - 12oz bottles of your best homebrew recipe along with a copy of the recipe and a description of the beer.  Drop these off at our retail store in Melbourne and Brock will be in touch.  

For more details e-mail


Can I have more than one free sample?

 Yes!  Samples are limited to one per 21+ customer per day.  To get another free sample simply come back tomorrow!


Are you Lost Shirt?

We are fortunate to share a building with Lost Shirt Brewing Company, but we are two separate businesses with no relation to one another.


Can I buy a pint?

 Sorry but our beer is only available in growlers and 2oz per day free samples.


Where can I drink your beer?

Our beer can be sampled at our retail store in Melbourne, FL or any location of your choosing after purchasing a growler to go!