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We are proud to announce that we have completed and deployed our revamped online shopping experience. We've heard and understood all customer comments about our prior system, and are excited to share the new features we now have available to all online customers.
  • Shopping Carts are now tied to your account, and will remain persistent across your pc, phone, and tablet. No more accidentally closing out of your order!
  • Streamlined ordering process (especially raw grains) and professional inventory photography
  • Additional Forms of Payment now accepted such as paypal, amazon payments, or even bitcoin
  • Gift Cards now accepted on Online Orders
If you had an account on the old site you will need to create a new account, but your information will be imported automatically as long as you use the same email address to register with.
As we complete the transition to the new website, feel free to share any anecdotes, issues, or suggestions with us at