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Air Pump Oxygen Aeration System

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Instead of diffusing pure oxygen into your wort this system uses filtered air. The included air-pump pushes air through an inline sanitary filter which is then dispersed into the wort through a two micron stainless steel diffusion stone. The advantage of an Air Pump aeration system is that you never have to buy replacement oxygen tanks, it just takes longer to finish than oxygenating with pure oxygen. Because the atmosphere is only about 20% oxygen, the diffusion stone must be left running in the wort for approximately 30-120 minutes (however even 5 minutes of aeration is better than shaking the carboy.) There is no concern of contamination during this period, however you do have to monitor the fermenter periodically for possible over foaming. This system can also be used to purge fermenters with sanitary air.


Includes everything pictured.