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Burton IPA Blend Activator Pack

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1203-PC Burton IPA Blend™

Wyeast Private Collection strains are released, 3 at a time, on a quarterly basis.  We keep the current quarter's PC collection in stock.  If this product is listed as out of stock we are unable to order it at this time and will not take pre-orders for it.

This blend highlights hop bitterness and aroma while still allowing full expression of authentic water profiles and pale malts. Low to moderate ester level can be manipulated through fermentation temperature and pitching rate. Palate finish is typically neutral to mildly fruity with some maltiness. Good flocculation characteristics make this an excellent candidate for cask conditioning.
Beer Styles: English IPA, Ordinary Bitter, Best Bitter, Strong Bitter, American Porter, Foreign Extra Stouts

ABV (Approx): 10%
Flocculation: medium-high
Apparent Attenuation: 71-74%%
Temperature Range: 64-74°F (18-23°C)