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Tags: Hops, Rhizomes

Centennial Rhizome

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2018 Rhizome Pre-Orders Ship Mar/Apr 2018
Exact ship date depends on the weather and digging schedule of our supplier nursery.
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Brock's Homebrew has selected four hop varieties known to grow well in Florida and made them available to you. Only a limited number of each variety are available so be sure to order early to guarantee availability. Florida hops should be planted in mid March to April.

Sometimes called the super Cascade, Centennial has earned its respect among experienced brewers. Many craft-brewer's today find this to be a very favorable variety because of it's balance. The Centennial is a cross between Brewer's Gold and a selected USDA male. It has a dense compact cone that is medium in size. It has good pick-ability, drying and baling characteristics. It also has an abundant amount of lupulin that is dark yellow in color. Makes a nice addition to any landscape because of its beauty.

Tags: Hops, Rhizomes