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Craft Beer Tasting Kit

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$ 34.99

Includes four beer glasses for unlocking all the flavor and aroma of your favorite craft beers or homebrews.  All glasses are Non-leaded crystal and are dishwasher safe, though you wouldn't put your beer glass in a dishwasher would you?
Pictured From Left to Right:
Barrel Aged Beer Glass 
Size: 160 mm
Capacity: 500 ml
Diameter: 90 mm

Stout Glass 
Size: 180 mm
Capacity: 600 ml
Diameter: 86 mm

India Pale Ale Glass
Size: 186 mm
Capacity: 540 ml
Diameter: 82 mm

American Wheat Beer Glass 
Size: 170 mm
Capacity: 750 ml
Diameter: 95 mm


    Tags: Glassware