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Crisp Crystal 45L Malt

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Crystal, carmel, caramel and cara are all interchangable names for the same grains. Crystal malts add sweetness and head retention to beers. This grain's flavor profile includes light-caramel with balanced sweetness.

  • Lovibond: 45
  • Usage (Max): 25
  • Moisture (Max): 5.5
  • Extract (Dry Basis Min): 72


Full Bags of Grain are heavily discounted and we cannot offer milling on whole bags.  If you need a full bag of grain milled please order it at the per pound price.  In Store Pickup customers are welcome to use our mill to crush full bags of grain when they come in to pickup their order.

*No milling on 50 or 55 pound bags of grain.
Full bags of grain are heavily discounted and priced for whole, un-crushed, grain. If you need a full bag of grain milled you are welcome to use our mill in store or purchase at the per-pound price and we will happily mill the grains for you.