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EXT: Dad Breakfast

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This recipe is the answer to a question we asked ourselves, "Is it possible to make a beer that tastes like dunking a honey-glazed doughnut into coffee?" Heavy additions of specialty and crystal malts give this English porter a deep and complex taste with a restrained roasted character and bitterness. While we call it Dad Breakfast, it can be enjoyed anytime of the day, and not just by dads!

Dad Breakfast

Fresh Extract Recipe Kit

OG: 1.045 | FG: 1.011 | IBU: 21.1 | SRM: 22.7 | ABV: 4.4%

Kit Contains:

Step by Step Instructions (click to download pdf)


  • 13oz Honey Malt
  • 9oz Weyermann Cara-Amber
  • 6oz Crisp Brown Malt
  • 5oz Coffee Malt
  • 5oz Carafa II


  • 1 - 3.3lb Can Muntons Maris Otter LME
  • 2 - 1lb Bags Briess Golden Light DME


  • 2 - 1oz Bags Kent Golding Hops


  • 1 - Wyeast London Ale Activator Pack


  • Muslin Hop Bag

Needed But Not Included:

  • 3oz Coarse Crushed Coffee (optional)