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Fermenator Capacity Extensions

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$ 274.99

Expand the capacity of a Blichmann Engineering Fermenator Conical Fermenter with one of these expansion sleeves.  Requires no tools for instillation and removal and no need to modify your Fermenator.

Base Fermenators are sold separately and required for use with a Fermenator Capacity Extension.  

Sleeve, Gasket and Clamping Band Included.


Minimum interior refrigerator space required.  Volumes listed are approximate gross capacities.
Wide Deep High
7 Gallon 15 15 27
14 Gallon 18.5 18.5 31.25
14 gal with extension (25 gal gross) 18.5 18.5 45.75
27 Gallon 24 24 35.75
27 gal with extension (60 gal gross) 24 24 60.75
42 Gallon 24 24 48.75
42 gal with extension (80 gal gross) 24 24 73.75
Leg extensions - - add 18"
Casters  (not available for 60 and 80 gal models) add 8" add 4" add 3.25"
Note: It is recommended that you have at least 1" clearance on all sides. Dimensions shown above do not include this clearance.  Dimensions also do not include airlock, which is not used in a refrigerator. For low-clearance installations, use the provided 90° elbow on the stopper and remote-locate the airlock. For upright freezers and refrigerators, it is recommended that you have 4 to 6" of clearance above the unit if you wish to dry-hop or add finings through the lid hatch.


Optional accessories such as the Fermenator Pallet Base and Tri-Clamp Blowoff Assembly are shown in some product photos but are not included.

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