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Flaked Corn

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Pre-gelatinized, starch content contributes alcohol but little flavor. Imparts a roundness, sparkle and golden quality. 

  • Lovibond:
  • Usage (Max): 40
  • Moisture (Max):
  • Extract (Dry Basis Min): 89.9


*No milling on 50 or 55 pound bags of grain.
Full bags of grain are heavily discounted and priced for whole, un-crushed, grain. If you need a full bag of grain milled you are welcome to use our mill in store or purchase at the per-pound price and we will happily mill the grains for you.

*50 and 55 pound bags of grain do not qualify for free shipping.
If your order qualifies for free shipping you will be charged a $15 shipping fee for each full 50 or 55 pound bag of grain. This happens automatically at checkout and the cost will be displayed before you confirm your order.