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GrainFather Conical Fermenter

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The Grainfather Conical Conical Fermenter provides a professional quality fermentation environment for any beer style and a range of add-ons (available in packages and separately) to further enhance the fermenter, depending on your stage of brewing and as your budget allows.

For the ultimate experience the Grainfather Conical Fermenter Basic Cooling Edition includes the Conical Fermenter, Dual Valve Tap, Temperature Controller, and Cooling Pump Kit, allowing you to control the heating of your unit, dump yeast, take samples and transfer your wort via our innovative dual function valve design, and control The GrainFather Glycol Chiller (available soon).

Fermenter Features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Body (polished inner and brushed outer)
  • 8 Gallon Capacity
  • Volume Markings on Body of Fermenter
  • Integrated 30 W, 12 V Heating Element
  • 1.5in Tri-Clamp Ferrule on Lid
  • 2in Tri-Clamp Ferrule on Bottom of Cone

Digital Temperature Controller Featuers

  • Control the heating element and Glycol Chiller (available soon)
  • Choose between imperial and metric (C° & F°)
  • Total of 4 fermentation profiles with up to 5 steps each (2 are pre-set for a lager and an ale, 2 are custom)
  • Hysteresis is customizable and able to be set at 0.1 intervals between a range of 0.1°C – 1.9°C & 0.2°F - 2.9°F (the default setting is 0.5°C)

 All Options Include:

  • Conical Fermenter 
  • Fermenter Lid 
  • Rubber Bung 
  • Airlock 
  • Cone Plug 
  • Cone Plug Seal 
  • 2in Tri-Clamp
  • Digital Temperature Display (does not control temperature, Temperature Controller available separately)
  • Powder Adapter and Wall Plug 
  • 6-1/2 Foot Power Cord
  • 24 Month Equipment Warranty

 Pro Edition Includes:

  • Everything Above
  • The GrainFather Digital Temperature Controller
  • The GrainFather Dual Valve Tap

Basic Cooling Edition Includes:

  • Everything Above
  • Conical Fermenter Cooling Pump (submersible)
  • T-section power connector
  • 2 x self-sealing couplers and insulated hoses

Dimensions of Conical Fermenter:

  • Diameter with handles: 14-1/4in
  • Height (without airlock): 36in
  • Height with airlock: 43in