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Handmade Magnetic Stir Plate: Padron Cigar Box

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Handmade stir plate, designed and assembled in Orlando, FL.  Specifically intended for homebrewers but can be used for a variety of stir plate applications. This is an essential item for homebrewers wanting to up their beer brewing game by building yeast starters! Healthy yeast makes better beer faster, and with a stir plate constantly aerating your yeast for the day or two preceding brew day, you're guaranteed to have a better beer that ferments cleaner and faster due to the increased number of yeasts that you will be pitching into your wort!

Stir plate includes power adapter cord and 1in stir magnet. The stir magnet is a high-strength NdFeB core, coated with food-safe Teflon. All components are new, except for the box which is a re-purposed Flor de Antilles wooden cigar box.

All cigar boxes are hand selected, based on functionality and their aesthetic condition.
All electrical components have been properly paired for the required electrical load of the system.

The stir plate is approximately: 9-1/2in wide, 6in deep, 1-1/2in tall (2in with knob)

This stir plate works with up to a 5 liter flask.

The box features a detachable power cord, and a variable speed control. The speed control allows you to control your vortex size, from a small dimple, to a vigorous whirlpool that extends all the way to the base of the flask.