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March H315HF High Temperature Pump

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Magnetic drive pump handles flow restriction and boiling temperatures.  Includes 6ft cord with plug.  All food-grade materials in contact with the liquid.  Inlet and outlet ports are 1/2in MPT.

The magnetic drive in a March pump acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow. Since it is magnetic drive, it is not self-priming, you must put the pump lower than the level of the liquid source.

The high-flow (HF) model comes with all the great features of the original March pump - magnetic drive, handles flow restriction, okay for boiling temperatures, 6' cord with plug, food-grade materials in contact with the liquid, 1/2" ports, etc. - but now features a different slightly higher flow rate with less issues of cavitation.

Take care when threading on fittings not to cross thread the plastic ports.

aka: March 809