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Thames Valley Ale II Activator Pack

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Wyeast Private Collection strains are released, 3 at a time, on a quarterly basis.  We keep the current quarter's PC collection in stock.  If this product is listed as out of stock we are unable to order it at this time and will not take pre-orders for it.

This strain was originally sourced from a now defunct brewery on the banks of the River Thames outside of Oxford, England. Thames Valley II produces crisp, dry beers with a rich malt profile and moderate stone fruit esters. This attenuative strain is also highly flocculent resulting in bright beers not requiring filtration. A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete.
Beer Styles: Ordinary Bitter, Best Bitter, Strong Bitter, British Brown Ale, Altbier, English Porter, American Porter, Irish Stout, Foreign Extra Stout

ABV (Approx): 10%
Flocculation: high
Apparent Attenuation: 72-78%
Temperature Range: 60-70°F