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Water Filter Kit - 10 inch

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This water filter kit features includes everything you need to carbon filter your brewing water directly from a hose bib into your kettle. A 10in carbon block filter removes all chlorine and organic flavor.

Fully assembled kit includes:

  • 10in water filter housing
  • one carbon block filter
  • brass garden hose attachment
  • two brass 1/2in barbed fittings
  • 6ft of 3/8in vinyl tubing

The carbon block should be replaced after filtering approximately 750 gallons of water or after 1 year of use, whichever comes first. Filter should be removed from housing and stored dry when not in use.

Good for 750 gallons.

Chloramines can be removed by carbon filtration if the water has a long contact time with the carbon. It is recommended to use at a fill rate of less than 1 gallon per minute in order to remove chloramines. Most municipal water is treated with chloramine rather than chlorine.

NOTE: This product should not be used in hot water applications. Cold water only!

This product is designed to filter water only.

NSF standard 42

Tags: Filtration